Texas Division of Emergency Management: What you should know about it

Given the recent bad weather in Texas, which unfortunately has become a common occurrence, and being a real estate investor it’s a good idea to get familiar with the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

Knowing what it is, how it works and how you can get aided by them, will help you be prepared in advance in case one of your properties ever gets damaged and you are in need of assistance. 

What is the TDEM?

The TDEM is an agency that coordinates the emergency management program of the State. It ensures that the State and the local governments are able to respond and recover from the damage caused by emergencies and disasters. It also launches and implements programs of public awareness about threats and hazards, provides specialized training to first responders and local officers, administers disaster recovery and hazard mitigation programs, and creates plans to help prevent or lessen the effect of disasters all around Texas. 

Why is it important?

Since it was established in 2019, the TDEM’s mission has been to provide a comprehensive emergency management program that includes pre and post-disaster mitigation, emergency planning and training, provisions for effective response to emergencies, and recovery programs to major disasters for the State and for assisting cities, counties and State agencies.

How can I get help?

Texans are encouraged to report any damage caused by a disaster or emergency. To do so and see if you qualify for any type of aid, you can self-file a survey here.

If you want to know more about them and/or ask any pertinent questions, you can click here.

*Remember that, even though the help provided can get you started on your recovery process, it will most likely not get you back to pre-disaster conditions.

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