Electricity Providers for the DFW Area

The majority of the DFW area has been deregulated in regard to energy providers. All areas, other than those listed below, can benefit from utilizing Ambit Energy for all electricity needs. Please visit www.frontlinepower.joinambit.com for a list of exceptional electricity rates in your area.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the regulated areas as well as contact numbers for their prospective providers.

Should your new home be located in the Keller area, please contact Tri County Electric first and provide them with your full address. They will advise whether your home is serviced through Tri County or Oncor. If Oncor is the electric provider, you may utilize the same website mentioned above to shop for electricity rates.

Water Providers For The DFW Area

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of water departments for the DFW area as well as contact numbers and web addresses for each city’s prospective providers.

Some of the suburbs of Fort Worth such as parts of Keller and Justin are serviced through the Fort Worth Water department and not listed below. Please contact the water department listed for the city of your new home first. If they do not service your home, please contact the Fort Worth Water Department at the contact number below.