Red flags you shouldn’t ignore when looking for a real estate agent

It can be hard to find people who can help you grow as a great real estate investor. Whether you are looking to sell a property or buy it, you want to make sure you are partnering up with the right  agent who will lift you up to reach your goals.

Continue reading to find the 5 red flags you need to look out for before working with any real estate agent. 

Poor communication

Communication at every step of the way is so important to achieve a successful outcome, even more so in this fast paced industry, communication can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. 

Good communication should be quick and should help you clear out all the questions you have.

Doesn’t ask about your plans

You want a real estate agent who will not only help you with one property, but who will be able to take you all the way to the top, and this will only happen if they are aware of your future plans and make sure the property you are looking at fits well with your business strategy.

Lack of knowledge on the area

As you may have heard, location is really important for real estate investors. A great agent will have knowledge of the area you are looking to buy in. Information like school districts, crime rates and public transportation is key to knowing whether the property you want is truly what you need.

Really low commission

This is a weird one, but it is usually true. A normal commission is between 5% – 7% of the property’s sale price, so anything below that might be sketchy. Though it may be attractive to hire someone due to their low commission, you should look into why the agent is taking so little money for their work.

Doesn’t connect with you

You don’t have to love your real estate agent, but if you don’t mesh well with them, it can be hard to navigate a deal. Trust your gut and don’t hesitate to change agents if you feel the one you are working with just doesn’t get you.


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