July 2021

We Should Have Bought Stock in Lumber…But Hindsights 2020

Since the re-opening of the Texas economy on March 10th, 2021, we have had to navigate through the aftermath of the economic shutdown. For property managers, real estate investors, and builders alike, a major effect has been the cost and availability of maintenance and building materials.

June 2021

Summer Rental Season: The Heat is On…Literally

To most of the world, summer means happy times and sunshine but to those in Property Management, it means go time! Summer is the busiest time of the year for move-outs and new leases and here at Frontline Property Management, Inc., we look forward to the challenge!

May 2021

COVID Effects on Real Estate Investments: Update
Back in March, we provided insight on many of the ongoing updates surrounding the Coronavirus. But since then things have been rapidly changing; Frontline has been busy changing, too! As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our clients (thank you for being one, by the way!) we have made rental applications a major focal point.

April 2021

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance      in Property Management

Over the years Texas weather has become the brunt of many jokes! From the severe heat during the summer months to the volatility of the fall and winter, our weather is quite nonsensical and, while this lends quite a bit of humor to our lives, it can make planning quite difficult.

March 2021

COVID Effects on Real Estate Investments      (Lots of Changes!)

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success”. And, while he may have lived over 200 years ago, his sentiment could not more accurately describe life and business today than if he were her to experience it himself. 

February 2021

Normal Wear and Tear for Rental Properties:    A Landlord’s Guide

As anyone who has ever managed rental property can tell you… tenants always “leave the property better than it was when they moved in”. Though we know that is rarely an accurate statement, determining what you can and can not legally charge tenants for is a burden that we all must face.

January 2021

How Long Do Appliances and Parts of Your Home Last?

All things on earth have a life expectancy – people, buildings, clothing, food, etc. All of the parts of investment property have a life expectancy as well. And while the building can last for years, even centuries, it is important to know the age and life expectancy of each major aspect of your investment.

December 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Successful Real Estate Investors

If ever there was a year that warranted a fresh start it is certainly this one! By now (and, quite frankly, well before now) we are all ready to say farewell to 2020 and begin 2021 refreshed and renewed; and while most are ready to jump into the usual New Year’s tradition of setting personal resolution that will likely be forgotten by February 1st, we have created a list of resolutions specifically designed to help real estate investors succeed for years to come…

November 2020

We’re ALL In This Together!

While our screening of new applicants has always been thorough, we are now looking for additional signs that may explain how the tenant is fairing financially through COVID-19. This includes signs such as the type of industry that they work in, how long they have been employed…

October 2020

2020 Strikes Again! CDC Moratoriums on Evictions

At this point, 2020 has both real estate investors and property managers desperately attempting to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding rent collections, late fees, and evictions. Unfortunately, most of us are fairing about as well as Lucy and Ethel during their stint working for the chocolate factory...

September 2020

Welcome to Texas! Where the Weather is Made Up and the Seasons Don’t Matter

Over the years Texas weather has become the brunt of many jokes! From the severe heat during the summer months to the volatility of the fall and winter, our weather is quite nonsensical and, while this lends quite a bit of humor to our lives, it can make planning quite difficult. Preparing for the fall/winter maintenance needs for your portfolio before the season…

August 2020

What Everyone Should Know About Fair Housing: Accommodations & Modifications

It certainly is not the amount of information one must memorize when renting out real estate! However, overwhelming as it may be, the Federal Fair Housing Act (42 U.S. Code § § 3601-3619 and 3631) has greatly increased the ability of those who fall within the seven protected classes to find desirable housing throughout the country…

July 2020

Asking Questions Ensures You Will Get the Answers!

“The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself” – John Fowles. However, the most important questions about insurance should always be answered by your insurance provider! One of the most critical steps that an investor must take…

June 2020

Baseball Season May be on Hold but the Curveballs Keep Coming

As we navigate through the continual curve balls of 2020, many find themselves wondering “What challenge will we face next?”…

Of all the curve balls of 2020, its first has had the largest impact on the real estate rental market…

May 2020

Time to dust off those crystal balls and prepare for what the future may hold…

If only we could see what the future had in store, we would likely be in a great position with our finances, health, love, etc. Very few people can claim that they predicted the market we find ourselves in today, but one thing is clear, opportunity is on the horizon…

April 2020

We Will Survive #COVID-19

By now, most real estate investors are contemplating what the long-term effect of COVID19 will look like and how they will be affected. The truth of the matter is no one can be 100% sure what the future holds.

Currently, the DFW metro-plex is under…

March 2020

Rental Property Upgrades: What You Should Know About the Trends

In the end, no matter how cliche it sounds (or in this case, reads) it is about    ROI. It is not just happening in our market but everywhere: updated properties rent faster and for more dollars.

The current renting “generations”…

February 2020

It’s Tax Time!

As we move forward in the new year, many of you will begin to turn your thoughts to tax preparation. While we are not tax professionals, our staff at Frontline Knows how stressful tax time can be. We strive to reduce your stress by providing the needed documents such as year-end reports and 1099s, all of which have been issued to our investors…


January 2020

2020 First Quarter Market Update

As another holiday season is disappearing in the rear-view mirror, we are seeing an uptick in inquiries, showings & applications which is the norm for the 2nd week in January. This is great news for anyone with a turn-over during the November – February time frame. However, …