March – Start a disciplined routine

Now that you have the perfect team, you need a strategy to make sure you stay on track and reach the goals you want to achieve.

Having order in your life will help you not only be able to get everything done at work, but will also make your life happier.  See below our tips on how to start and maintain a disciplined routine.

Start your day on time

Waking up at the same time everyday will give you a headstart on everything else. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wake up at 5 am, but having the discipline to start your activities each day at the same time, will help you build a strong foundation for the rest of the day.

Keep a schedule

After waking up consistently at the same time, this is the most important thing you need to do to stay on track. Keep a list of things you need to do everyday and do your best to make sure you get them done at the right time. Find what works for you; if it is technology, use tools like digital calendars, or if you are more old school, keep a hard copy in a notebook to ensure you don’t forget any meeting or activity.

Separate activities in tasks

It will be a lot easier to accomplish your goals if you know which little steps you need to complete to achieve them. Instead of thinking about them as a whole, it can really help to go bit by bit, so don’t be afraid to go as slow or as fast as you need to. 

Keep personal and work apart

Learning to compartmentalize will allow you to follow your routine. Keep your work where it needs to be and don’t let it swallow your family and personal time. This will in turn help you be more productive and focused at work and more happy at your home.


Make time to stay healthy. Just 30 minutes a day are enough to make you more active and get the blood flowing to your brain. It doesn’t have to be the gym if you hate it, it just won’t keep you motivated enough to go everyday, so sign up for some classes, find something that you enjoy doing and stick with it. If possible, try to start your day with it and see how it improves your routine.

Be patient with yourself

Starting a disciplined routine can be really hard! Give yourself the time to adjust to it and don’t be discouraged if at first you fail. Make as many changes you need to be able to keep up with it and see how you feel with it. A healthy routine that makes you happy is way easier to follow than one that makes you miserable.

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