January – Grow your network

From new vendors and contractors to strategic partners and the perfect property manager, having a strong, diversified network is really important for any real estate investors. Start this year off by making new friends or reconnecting with old ones. Try these tips on how to get started and how to solidify the network you already have:


Traveling will help you expand your network beyond your state. Use this opportunity to make new acquaintances. Do some research to find local real estate investors and reach out to them, you will be surprised at how many will be grateful to meet you too.

Attend Seminars and Conferences

This will help not only to learn and grow your insight on the market but also to meet people who are trying to break into the business or who have more experience than you and can help you grow.

Business Networking Meetings

Most certainly, monthly, there will be local business networking events in your area, research them, pick the one that suits you best and show up with an open mind to meet people. Take advantage of the activities the organizers have set up to get to know all kinds of people.


Never Underestimate a Connection

Daily, we meet all sorts of people. When networking it can be easy to dismiss several people along the way. You shouldn’t waste your time, but you never know when someone can change your life, so be insightful, pay attention to everyone you meet and don’t burn bridges unnecessarily.


Offer Help to Others

Most times, the strongest connections are based on mutual respect and interest. You never know when your talents and knowledge will be beneficial to someone, so use your skill set to help someone in need and see it as a proactive way to network. 

Go to Auctions

There are usually  many experienced and serious buyers in auctions. Don’t be afraid to visit them to learn more about the whole process, see if you want to delve into it and make friends along the way.

Follow these tips and become a pro at networking!

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