February – Create a Strong Team

After you have networked like a pro, it’s very important to surround yourself and solidify your relationship with the people you feel give the most value to you and who will help you reach your goals. 

Building a good team should be about finding people with complementary skills to yours that can complete tasks needed to achieve success. Follow these tips to build the perfect team for your business:

Start thinking like a leader

Remember no one can lead your team better than yourself, because no one knows where you want the team to be. So step up and take command. Communicate clearly what you need and keep an open mind.

Practice emotional intelligence

Have patience and remember your team members are complex human beings whose personalities and work styles are completely different. Try to understand them and see these differences as assets.

Create a respectful environment

One of the most important factors in a good team is respect, not just to you as the leader, but to and between every member of the team. In a respectful environment great ideas can flourish and grow into something amazing.

Know every part of your operation to pick the perfect person

Imagine how the perfect person for each role is and find someone who fits that idea. Let them know clearly what you expect from them and have a clear idea about how everything should work and how you can get it to do so. 

Take care of even the smallest of details

The devil is in the details. Make sure every member of the team is as detail-oriented as possible to ensure that all parts of the operation are perfectly covered and that the needs and goals are being achieved.

Establish achievable and clear goals

Make sure everyone knows what you need them to do and when you want them to do it. Establishing what you expect from every person is a great way to make sure your team can grow into their own and accomplish everything they have to.

Calendarise meetings to keep everything in check

According to your necessities, keep weekly or monthly meetings calendarised so everyone knows the deadlines they have and what needs to be done by them.

Being really organised will also help your team have clear goals and being more organised themselves.

Celebrate the little and big successes

Encouragement is very necessary for the success of a team. Make sure to celebrate appropriately when someone does something good.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way and can do more than you expect. 


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