What do you do with my security deposit after I move out?

Immediately after you vacate the property, one of our agents visits the property and performs a move-out inspection to assess the condition of the property in comparison to your Residential Lease Inventory Condition Form, assuming that you completed it within 5 days of your move-in and returned to our office. We then process your security deposit within 30 days or your move out and mail it to the forwarding address you provided in writing to our office. Please note that per the Texas Property Code, we have 30 days to mail your deposit in strict accordance with the Texas Property Code. Please note that PURE Property Management of Texas is not obligated to return a resident’s security deposit or give the resident a written description of damages and charges until the resident gives the landlord a written statement of the resident’s forwarding address for the purpose of refunding the security deposit, after which the landlord has 30 days to account.

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