What are the details of the eviction process?

Three days after you have received your Notice to Vacate Property if you have still not submitted full payment for all past due rent and late fees, an eviction will be filed. You will be served by a constable at your home with a court date for the eviction. After PURE Property Management of Texas is granted a judgment for past due rent and possession of the property, you have 5 business days to vacate the property. Should you fail to vacate the property within the 5 days, a Writ of Possession will be filed. You will again be served by a Constable informing you of the date for the Writ of Possession.

On that date, the Constable, as well as several PURE representatives, will arrive at your home to remove all of your personal belongings and set them at the curb. A judgment in favor of the Plaintiff (landlord) can stay on your record for 10 years and might make it difficult to obtain future housing and credit. An eviction filing is also expensive; fees can reach over $200 and are the responsibility of the resident.

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