Common tenant complaints and how to manage them like a pro

It does not matter how well you keep your property, some issues are still bound to appear. Handling tenants can be tricky, so dealing with them in a proper and kind manner will be really helpful for a fruitful relationship.

Keep reading to see the most common complaints tenants make and how to successfully resolve them.


Ensuring that the property is in tip-top condition can be challenging, but it is so necessary.  Maintenance requests left unattended is the number #1 complaint tenants make regarding their rental property. Letting them know you are interested in their comfort and security by tending to their maintenance needs can go a long way.

Having a clear line of communication and a simple system to send their requests is the best way to make sure that these issues are addressed.

Apart from emergency repairs, it is also very important to remember that seasonal upkeep must be properly managed. See our blog posts on seasonal maintenance here: SpringSummerWinterFall



Not only is it a bit annoying for the tenant for you to show up unannounced at the property, but it can actually be a criminal offense if it even remotely resembles harassment against them. Having respect for their privacy is key to having a good relationship.

Unless it is imperative to visit the property because of an emergency, always ensure that you give them at least 24 hour written notice that you may be dropping by.


Noisy neighbors are not the owner’s fault, but it doesn’t mean you cannot help the tenants have a better time at your property. 

If the problem is with a tenant also renting with you, you could offer to talk to them or mediate to help them reach an agreement amicably. 

If not, you could look into helping them with the installation of insulation, or with soundproofing the property. 

The best solution for these issues will always be to resolve them by talking with the tenant causing the discomfort, but offering something extra can make your tenant really happy!


One of the most awful things that can happen in your home is having unwanted guests invade you, so this one requires immediate action in most cases.

Calling an exterminator promptly can solve the issue right away, but periodical inspections and upkeep can help you be sure that the pests won’t cause any more problems.

Something to keep in mind is that the lease your tenants get will need to include how you will manage each of these items, and must strictly follow the Texas Property Code.

It can be really tiring dealing with all of this, so leaving your property in the hands of experts (like us!) can help you relax  in the knowledge that things will be taken care of.

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