August – Find ways to keep updated with the changes in laws and regulations

You are on the path of learning what you can to achieve personal and professional growth, now it is time to make sure you stay up to date with the changes in laws and regulations, both federally and locally.

The 2 most important sources of information in Texas to always keep in mind are:

  • Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) – Since 1949, TREC has been in charge of safeguarding the consumer rights in matters of real estate transactions.
  • National Association of Realtors – The NAR is America’s largest trade association. It is constantly updating its site with the latest news and events for the real estate industry.

Some other great practices are:

Subscribe to blogs and newsletters

Thanks to the internet, you can have access to thousands of resources to stay up to date with a few clicks. Research and find a real estate  blog or newsletter that interests you and subscribe to it so you can have all the information you want come directly to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Frontline Property Management has both and we aim to provide information that is useful and up to date to help our investors in any way we can! You can see all our blog posts  here and our newsletters here.

Make connections with realtors

A great way to make sure you are aware of all the changes made to real estate laws is to keep in touch with a seasoned realtor in your area and in the area you want to invest in. 

Realtors are more likely to know, sometimes even beforehand, the changes policymakers are making to real estate laws, so it is always a good idea to network and establish connections with trusted professionals.


Remember that knowledge is power! And keeping up with the industry can help you make the best out of your investments. 

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