All you need to know on Subletting

One of the trickiest issues that come with leasing a property is subletting. It can be hard to understand how it works and the pros and cons for you as the owner. 

Continue reading to see everything you need to know on letting a tenant sublet your property. 

First of all, you need to know that in Texas a tenant cannot sublet if the terms of subletting are not explicitly described in their lease or without the express permission (preferably in writing) of their landlord. 

Types of subleases:

Short-term: When the current tenant is planning on returning to the property after a short time away due to personal or professional issues. The person subletting rents the property for as long as necessary. 

-Permanent: When the tenant is moving away permanently and wants someone to take over the rest of their lease.



*No Vacancy

Your property will not be vacant for any time with the tenant finding someone to sublet it which will mean no lost rental for you.

*Helping your tenant:

Subletting doesn’t have to be for the whole property, so allowing your tenant to sublet a room or two can help them be able to pay the rent on time, which in return will help you avoid eviction costs. Win win!



*Not good screening:

Since the tenant will be the one to be in charge of the vetting and choosing of the subletter, if they don’t have a good screening system, it can result in unreliable people being in your property.

*Property damage: 

Because the person subletting the property or room may be there short-time only, they may not know the rules or may not care enough about them to properly follow them, so they may cause some damage to the property.


Some things to consider:

There are ways to make sure your property is well protected. If you are thinking of letting your tenant sublet the property, you can add verbiages to the sublease to hold the tenant responsible for the subletter.

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