5 Steps to Prepare Your Property to Rent

There are a number of ways that you can improve the quality of your rental property. Before moving on to the superficialities of fresh coats of paint and the curb appeal (which is also important, as it may drastically improve the marketability of your property) you will first need to have these very basic needs covered.

These are steps that you need to take to ensure the habitability of your property and is the first line of defense in identifying issues while they are small, before they become more costly down the road. Remember – neglect is paid back with interest!

Take these five steps to best prepare your property:

  1. Change the Locks

Everything will need to be re-coded and re-keyed. This will include all doors to the property, gates, mailboxes and any facilities that only tenants have the need to access. Electric key pads are convenient in that they will only need to have their codes reprogrammed, but a standard locksmith is an excellent way to make sure that no prior tenants or vendors can gain access to the property.

  1. Check Your HVAC System

Bring in a technician to do a tune-up of the heating and cooling system and all its elements. The ducts and vests will need to be checked for mold and all air filters will need to be replaced. Reusable air filters may be replaced by disposable ones, as not all tenants will diligently clean the air filters on a monthly basis, but would rather replace the air filters entirely.

  1. Test

Test everything. A vacancy, whether you have never rented before or are between tenants, is the perfect opportunity to identify key issues. As if you were a tenant yourself, check every room for any issues that you would have moving into and living in that space. Look at the property with fresh eyes and not with what you are willing to live with. The major appliances provided in the property must have full functionality, there must be no drips from any faucets, no toilets that run for long periods of time and no dead outlets.

  1. Repair

Revolve any issues from the testing phase of your make-ready! With no occupant to work around, there’s no time like the present to fix problems at their source. Replace broken fixtures and appliances, bring in electricians, technicians and repairmen to ensure that the work being done is up to code, and rest easy with the knowledge that everything from the roof to the foundation is in tip-top shape!

  1. Hire a Professional Cleaner

Plenty of professional cleaning services offer deep-cleans for make-ready quality work – and you should leave it up to the professionals! Not only will they cover the spots you may not think about (like say, the tops of ceiling fan blades) but can also get into hard-to-reach places; beneath, behind and inside appliances; and will thoroughly deodorize the property. Smell is one of the biggest first impressions new tenants make of a home! Cleanliness isn’t (only) about how it looks, but ensures the sanitary conditions that everyone expects when moving into a new space.

6. Bonus: Hire a Property Management Company! (Pro-Tip: Do This First)

Property Management companies like Frontline Property Management, Inc. get all of this and more done on a regular basis! Our experienced property management company has a well-maintained network of vendors along with the experience to determine when a job is well done. Your property’s make-ready is just the first step in acquiring your tenant – and we have you covered every step of the way!


Interested in finding out what it would take for your property to become rental-ready when managed by us?

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